Maximising reach for product launch

Multi-channel, multi-device cheesy bagel launch campaign

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Boosting awareness and activity for product launch

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33% cheaper than forecast

The New York Bakery Co launched a new cheesy bagel and wanted to maximise the reach of the multi-channel campaign. TV and out of Home ads close to stockists and promotional offers could only reach a proportion of the total potential target audience in the UK. Profiling of NYBco target audiences had previously revealed that digital and social were important facets of their everyday lives so equimedia were asked to create a digital campaign that would boost the TV and OOH offline activity where it appeared, particularly through mobile, extending its reach. In addition we needed to provide paid for visibility for special cheesy bagel content, created for Facebook and Instagram that included new recipe ideas and encouraged sampling.

why the client was so happy:

The campaign over-delivered against forecast in terms of impressions, clicks and engagements resulting in a cost per engagement (CPE) of only £0.12p and boosting site traffic by 2205% and 92% of the site visitors had not visited the site before! Rich media formats in the programmatic display campaign and the social media placements delivered the lowest CPE’s and great insights were delivered through testing different creative concepts in each channel used.

We were delighted with the launch campaign equimedia designed for the cheesy bagels launch. The digital activity was not only targeted at our ideal customers but was geographically targeted too, to boost the impact of posters near stockists, and TV ads. The digital campaign, which built on the insights we gained working with equimedia on previous campaigns, achieved fantastic reach through all devices and using multiple platforms and digital techniques, but also achieved a low cost per engagement and insights on creative performance that will be used in the future.

Amy Page, Marketing Manager, NYBCo

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