Increased conversion rates

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Improved user experience

Overall revenue & conversion rates increased

As the UK's largest reseller of printers and inks, Printerland works directly with a large number of manufacturers to provide printer technology to thousands of businesses across the UK.

With an increasing number of UK ecommerce sales taking place on mobile devices, Printerland wanted to focus on providing their online customers with a satisfying web experience that meets their needs and results in increased sales.

The challenge therefore was to develop an improved user experience that in turn would increase conversion rates for sales of printers and “add-ons”, and be optimised for use across desktop, tablet and smartphones.

why the client was so happy:

Working with Printerland's in-house development team, we quickly identified opportunities for improving the website design. As two separate projects, we worked on the user journey for both their five step purchasing funnel as well as the entire main website.

Printerland runs a bespoke .NET platform so we worked very closely with their team to ensure templates were built to specific requirements. The HTML, CSS and Javascript assets were passed to their developers for integrating into the main website.

By having the two teams working closely together, a fully responsive website was quickly built to give a great shopping experience regardless of device the visitor uses. The impact on overall conversion, total revenue and units sold was immediate. We continue to help with ongoing optimisations of the website, including carrying out A/B testing of the home page with newly designed templates.


equimedia's expertise and experience helped to ensure that our vision was realised in the most effective way, and we're sure that our business will continue to fly with them on board.

James Kight, Managing Director, Printerland

Figure 1: Printerland website.

Figure 2: Responsive multi-device web design.