New techniques drive costs down and volume up

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Improving performance and efficiency using new techniques

membership volume up
cost per member 52% down

We have used digital marketing campaigns to drive membership sign up, shop sales and encourage participation in events and campaigns for RSPB for over 8 years.

This year we were briefed to focus primarily on increasing the number of new members signed up whilst reviewing the digital display techniques used with the aim of driving down the cost per membership.

With pay per click (PPC) realigned to the new targets, our attention turned to a review of the dynamic prospecting and re-targeting display campaigns, and the new techniques available.

Through a combination of: attribution and data analysis; our rigorous control, test and learn approach to optimising programmatic media buys and creative used; implementing new techniques such as TV synch (which enables us to synchronises our digital ads in real time with RSPB aired TV campaigns) and highly targeted paid social campaigns that included re-targeting, all client targets were exceeded.

why the client was so happy:

The transparency of the reporting provided by our bespoke software, equiEDGE, allowed us to show the client exactly what worked best, spot opportunities, devise new tests and exploit the client budget to achieve maximum return on investment. Our analysis gave RSPB full visibility of all the value delivered by their online marketing investment across multiple budget lines and media channels, and for all primary and secondary objectives.

Over a seven month period, the volume targets for membership recruitment were exceeded and the ongoing optimisation of the campaign performance and development of the campaigns into new techniques delivered a 52% reduction in cost per membership!


Thanks to equimedia’s sophisticated reporting systems, we received regular updates and insights on campaign performance. This meant we had full visibility of the value being delivered by our marketing investment throughout the campaign


Figure 1: RSPB display advert

Figure 2: RSPB display advert (alternative creative)