Product page optimisation for organic traffic growth

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Maximising natural rankings for product pages to drive growth and improve conversion

Product page traffic up 15% year on year

Since 2008, equimedia has worked closely with WHSmith’s web team to identify opportunities for improving SEO visibility, whilst understanding the complexities of their vast eCommerce website.

Over a 2-year project we worked with the team to specifically identify optimisations for the product pages in order to boost their organic rankings. Conversion from organic traffic, largely directed at the home page, category and department-level pages, was poor so WH Smith were keen to ensure natural search results took the user to specific product pages so they could find the information they needed to complete their purchase easily.

With the new mobile site launch imminent, the client needed to be confident that regardless of device, the user would be directed to the most appropriate page to simplify the user journey and maximise ROI from the organic channel.

why the client was so happy:

Following a technical site review of these specific page-types, we worked with the web team to implement achievable fixes within the constraints of the website build structure – providing ROI business cases for each fix, explaining the anticipated positive business impact to stakeholders to support website changes.

The new whsmith.co.uk mobile site was also search engine optimised to ensure good customer experience across all devices, simplifying the user journey.

Structured data was implemented, enabling the Sitelinks Search Box on Google’s SERP which drove 49% more organic traffic directly into the product pages on the site.

Rankings and sessions for homepage, department and hierarchy pages reduced, as traffic grew for product pages, leading to a 3% increase in overall organic search traffic for the year, but this grew to 10% in their peak trading month, December!

equimedia have been our SEO partner for several years and work hard to understand our technical constraints, finding suitable workarounds.

Customers can now navigate directly to our product pages, which was the main goal for sales conversion and we have seen great results in terms of sessions to these pages, and revenue attributed to the organic channel!

Chris Ritchie, Head Of Content And Web, WHSmith.co.uk

Figure 1: Books product page example