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Google Grants account restructured

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The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust is one of the largest and most respected wetland conservation organisations. They work with communities, businesses and governments to save wetlands, the primary source of drinking water for people and wildlife. From geese and swans to water voles and otters, thousands of hectares of wetland habitat are created and maintained. With a million visitors to their Wetlands Centres and 200,000 members supporting their work in the UK, WWT’s work is far reaching.

As part of their overall digital marketing strategy, WWT were keen to ensure they were maximising the effectiveness of their Google Grant account. With multiple objectives to raise awareness of their work, drive visitors to their wetlands centres and encourage membership, the account was running the risk of quickly capping out by reaching the maximum daily budget.

why the client was so happy:

The account was restructured using a granular approach to incorporate “centre campaigns”. These were set up for brand, generic and longtail keywords for each location. The primary focus to begin with was to drive centre visits, and therefore ticket sales; these activities were then supported with brand awareness campaigns.

Once the restructure was in place, an in depth review of the keywords quality score was undertaken. It was essential to ensure the keyword performance was optimised so that the appropriate level of investment was being made that would lead to higher conversion opportunities, in this case ticket sales.

Going forwards, the more tactical campaigns for centre locations can be tailored and switched on / off depending on specific centre activities. With more tactical campaigns in place during the day, brand awareness campaigns can be picked up to ensure any surplus spend is used. This guaranteed a much improved return on investment with higher ticket sales, despite an overall reduction in spend:

  • 51% increase in ticket sales
  • 70% decrease in total spend


Almost as soon as the restructured account went live we started to see a positive impact. The sophistication of this new set up means the equimedia team are able to use Google’s Grant as tactically as possible to ensure our targets are being met, well within budget.

Katy Baird, Supporter Marketing Manager (WWT)

Figure 1: Sample paid search advert