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Key Results...

increase in actual clicks than forecast

increase in actual registrations than forecast

generated £54,000 revenue

Case Study: Leeds Abbey Dash PPC ...

Paid Media, Digital Strategy

Age UK needed someone to devise and execute an effective PPC campaign promoting their running event, the Leeds Abbey Dash, taking place on the 5th November. They wanted the campaign to drive as many registrations as possible on a budget of £2000 (£400 per month).

 To achieve the best results, we ran a early bird specific copy and a countdown copy to encourage more people to register. This was helped as we were given additional budget, in the range of  £750, enabling us to run a flash sale that coincided with Grandparents day. 

The campaign was a great success and we smashed all of our forecast targets!

Age UK LAD Results Table

As you can see, we had driven 12,051 clicks which resulted in 2,124 event registrations at a cost of £1.29 p/r.  The early bird and countdown copy were really successful, giving us our best week at the end of August, driving in a total of 282 registrations. 

Our PPC activity helped the Leeds Abbey Dash to generate over £54,000 in revenue. However, according to our experts, an investment of £10,000 could generate 43,478 clicks, 7,750 registrations at a cost of £1.29 each, and over £250,000 in revenue!