Capitalising on TV investment with Paid Search

Equine Rescue Charity

Key Results ...

increase in conversion rate

decrease in CPA

Case Study: Capitalising on TV investment in Paid Search...

Paid Search.

Many charities run DRTV ads, but often they are unsupported in other media channels.

For our equine rescue charity client, we used TV Sync as part of our Paid Search BAU strategy to bridge the gap between TV and digital campaigns, and create a synergy between the two channels.

TV Sync works by aligning digital activity such as Paid Search (PPC) to TV ads. equimedia ran TV Sync activity using a 3rd party system which allowed us to update Brand PPC copy for a short window following the airing of the ad, with messaging relating directly to the TV ad itself. This created standout in Google for the PPC ad if the user had just viewed the TV ad.

You can read more about our TV Sync expertise here.

The outcomes were a:

  • 21% increase in Conversion Rate
  • 23% decrease in the CPA, when comparing TV sync messaging vs standard Brand ad messaging

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