HiPP Organic.


Key Results ...

Cheaper than the campaign average

Campaign achieved a CPC below £2

Over 27k clicks to site from on-the-go mums

0.31% CTR x3 eBay desktop format

Case Study: Mobile Media...

Mobile, Display

After seeing their mobile site traffic increase from 46% to 67% over the last two years, HiPP, the organic baby food manufacturer, knew they had to react to the changing consumption habits of their core audience; mums. They asked us to help.

We were briefed to develop a campaign to capitalise on the changing web browsing and media consumption habits of mums, and increase the brand engagement with this core audience while promoting the HiPP Baby Club. 

The equimedia media team planned eBay mobile app homepage banner ads to target mums using specific keywords or behaviour, harnessing eBay’s 1st party data to reach the right user at the right time through their device of choice. This activity was the perfect complement to our Kaizen Digital Trading mobile programmatic ad campaign. It allowed us to build reach across relevant sites and directly target mobile-savvy mums.

This campaign generated over 27k clicks to the website, with a click-through rate of 0.31%, which was 3 times better than the eBay desktop targeted ads. The cost per click was kept below £2, making it 22% cheaper than previous campaign averages.

“We were delighted to be amongst the first adopters of the newly introduced mobile format on a site which we know provides great engagement with our core audience of mums. We look forward to testing new formats and opportunities as part of our digital marketing activity with equimedia."


Nicola Tatum, Group product Manager, Milks

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