New York Bakery Co.

Leveraging online awareness for brand relaunch

Key Results ...

7.2 million+ programmatic display impressions

5.1 million views across video channels

14,000+ new users driven to site from paid activity

Case Study: Multi-channel Brand Relaunch ...

Brand Response, Digital Strategy

In Q4 of 2017 the New York Bakery Company re-launched their brand with a fresh new look and updated brand identity – all focused around their amazing new ambassador Edna! equimedia were tasked with the planning and execution of an innovative online campaign to drive maximum brand awareness and engagement during this crucial period.

Having worked with the New York Bakery Company for a number of years we already had a deep understanding of their target audience, their digital media preferences & associations, which channels & placements work best, and the best optimisation strategies.

This data helped us refine and pull together a diverse digital plan that achieved & exceeded our overall objectives, whilst also ensuring it reinforced the TV & OOH strategies being executed by other agencies.

The digital strategy we executed crossed a wide range of channels and placements, testing different creative variants, and also making the most of recent digital innovations:

  • Programmatic Display via our Kaizen DSP
  • YouTube Trueview Pre-Roll
  • Facebook & Instagram Carousels
  • Facebook & Instagram Cinemagraphs
  • Native Video via Unruly
  • Mumsnet Online Partnership

As well as the digital campaign planning and execution, we also completely re-skinned their Drupal website to reflect the new brand and create an engaging new platform for relevant content. 

Some key results from the campaign:

  • Over 7.2 million programmatic display impressions @ £2.50 CPM
  • 5.1 million video views across YouTube, Facebook, & Instagram @ £0.05 CPView
  • Over 2 million desktop and mobile banner impressions on Mumsnet in 2 days
  • Over 14,000 new users driven to site from paid activity (18th Sept - 29th Oct)

“equimedia are a very talented digital agency led by a highly motivated and expert team. They are passionate about what they do, highly insightful with digital channel expertise, and have great knowledge about our brand which is impressive. They are strategically led and their plans reflect this! This campaign delivered on all fronts and integrated some great new innovations that elevated our digital game – brilliant!”

Tim Barkey, Marketing Director