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Key Results ...

169 million people reached online

3 million Twitter impressions

6000+ engagements from facebook

Case Study: Influencer Marketing...

  • Content Marketing, Social Media

equimedia's brief for this campaign was to create content around personal injury, and distribute it through social media channels, as well as utilising online influencers and PR. 

The campaign focused on producing an informational piece of content about dog attacks. Desk research was supported with a YouGov survey to assess the public’s attitudes and assumptions, the trends in the volume of dog attacks, information about the most likely breeds to attack and advice on how to prevent dog attacks. All the data and findings were combined into a detailed report which included case studies and interview quotes from animal and legal experts. This content provided the ideal platform for PR and social outreach.

The report was hosted on the Simpson Millar website and featured in a press release targeted at national, regional, lifestyle and dog-related press and publications. The content was shared across LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Facebook, and outreached to relevant bloggers.

The press release was quickly picked up across key news media sites such as The Independent, The Sun and Daily Mirror, as well as other publications such as Dog World and Pet Business World. This activity was shared widely across social networks, with Twitter dominating having 85% of the organic share.

To further amplify the social media reach, the campaign continued with a short burst of paid promotion on Facebook. This activity continued to expand the audience reach, increasing social engagement and clicks through to the website.

"It's not an easy task to come up with data-driven content that will have wide reaching results. We are thrilled with the way this campaign was approached by equimedia and with the uptake and amount of coverage the campaign received."

Jennie Sanders, Head of Digital, Simpson Millar