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Key Results ...

increase in paid search sales year on year

increase in paid search sales in November

further increases in paid search sales in December

Case Study: Smart Shopping & Smart Bidding Growth ...

Improving performance with smart bidding.

We work with one of the UK’s largest retailers and in order to achieve growth in online sales we are always testing new paid search bidding techniques. Exploring our options to increase investment in paid search while controlling Return on Investment (ROI) we identified a significant opportunity to increase sales through Google’s smart bidding technology and smart shopping ads.

The client asked us to develop a successful smart bidding strategy ready for Black Friday and the Christmas period with aim of increasing sales and revenue significantly, year on year. A recent site upgrade had resulted in a fall in organic traffic, so paid search was tasked with compensating for the resulting loss of sales, too.

We worked with the client to create a product feed that enabled us to create and test shopping campaigns. We implemented a range of smart bidding strategies such as Maximise Conversions, target CPA and Target ROAS %. Once the shopping feed was live, we created campaigns and segmented them by product category. Immediately the new campaigns delivered positive results and consistent growth which led to the client increasing investment. After seeing such great results within the first few weeks of the test ads going live, we upgraded to smart shopping and utilised target ROAS % bidding on all product ads.

Smart Shopping ads and smart bidding have made a positive difference to the clients’ ability to invest cost efficiently in paid search ads and achieve sales growth. In November we were able to increase spend and deliver an 80% growth in sales compared to October. During December we were able to invest a further 25% more budget than in November, and deliver 77% more sales than in November, while sticking to cost per sale targets!

The introduction of smart bidding has had a significantly positive impact on online sales. Over the festive period, paid search contributed to a third of all sales (including offline sales) and revenue online has doubled year on year! We will continue to work to improve performance through test and learn methodologies in order to maximise the value of the smart shopping ads.

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