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Key Results ...

increase in CTR _____________ ___________________________________________________

increase in Conversion Rate

decrease in Cost Per Click ____________________________

decrease in Cost Per Lead _____________________________

Case Study: TV Sync ...

Paid Search

equimedia recently used TV sync with one of our clients to maximise their campaign performance. 

It's no secret that TV advertising has been struggling, with viewers attention immediately moving to their smart phones or just simply fast-forwarding through the ads. TV ad syncing serves a digital advert at the same time as a TV advert. 

TV Sync uses audio finger print scanning of over 600 channels in the UK and allows businesses to target their own or competitors ads.

How does it work?

First we had to create a TV specific campaign for our client, this campaign is then set live for 3 minutes when a live TV ad is triggered. You can maximise your budget by securing the top spot or providing TV specific copy when it matters most.

The Results...

The campaign produced some impressive results:

  • 55% increase in CTR
  • 24% increase in Conversion Rate
  • 26% decrease in CPC
  • 40% decrease in Cost Per Lead