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The equimedia difference

  • We make the complex digital world simple
  • We optimise client websites and digital media to increase traffic and sales
  • We deliver exceptional ROI for our clients - continuously

Data + Technology + People = Performance Marketing


Our technology advantage allows us to take in vast amounts of data from multiple sources to analyse and provide real data driven insight – fast.


We have the analytics and campaign deployment capability for digital marketing excellence and rapid deployment.


Our experts take the data, insights and performance indicators to create and optimise media and website performance.

Our Clients are delighted with their increased ROI - so why not see if we can make you happy too – contact us today and put us to the test.


Build awareness and visibility of your brand

Digital Strategy

We are experts at utilising media channels and techniques for 'market-making': maximising brand engagement across media channels and ensuring you influence and retain audiences for your products and services. We put our clients' aims and the consumer's demands at the centre of our media strategies and execute successful marketing campaigns in more than 20 countries around the world. 


A customer centric approach to content creation means our SEO team help you create maximum visibility and value from investment in your website that delivers to your customer's needs and builds relevant natural search traffic volume.

Social Media

Making sense of social media with intuitive strategies that work for you and your customers starts with listening. Listening helps us make sense of what people are saying about our clients' brands in social media channels and spaces, and then create relevant campaigns and content that start conversations and engage audiences.

Media Planning and Buying

We are experts at delivering impactful brand display campaigns. Our understanding of audiences combined with innovative ideas enables our Clients to engage their target audience and ensure their brand message remain front of mind.


Fast growth in mobile search and traffic makes it vitally important to ensure that clients reach out via Smartphones, providing outstanding experience with mobile web apps and optimised websites. equimedia can provide refined mobile strategies, and execute highly targeted campaigns to take advantage of the explosion in mobile search.


Generate and measure targeted interactions

Our experienced teams adapt messages as markets change, and stay in touch with audience nuances, to deliver the right message in the right channel to maximise responses through all channels and platforms for every client.

Paid Search

We remain at the cutting edge of paid search developments, assessing the relevancy of new techniques to each client and deploying a ‘control, test and learn’ methodology to assess the benefits whilst driving efficiency through a blend of manual and automated search campaign controls. 

Search Engine Optimisation

Our SEO experts ensure that each client gets maximum value from natural search traffic to site through improvements in content, technical build and links to site which boost natural rankings. We rescue new clients from algorithmic and manual link penalties and work closely with our social media team to develop engaging content beneficial to SEO and social media strategies. 

Media Planning & Buying

We are experts at creating and delivering awareness building and performance media campaigns through our Kaizen buying platform that harness the power of all targeting, buying and creative techniques, delivering great brand visibility to the right audience and delivering an efficient return on investment. 

Affiliate Marketing

Partnering with both niche and super-affiliates enables equimedia to create bespoke affiliate strategies that drive sales and fit with each client's brand.


Encourage your audience to purchase

Knowing customers are interested in your product and a service is one thing, getting them to convert is another.

Creating the path to successful conversion requires solid insights and analytics of current web page performance, matched with clear, objective implementation of enhanced order processes that create value, faster.


Providing our clients with detailed insights, backed up by our powerful data analysts and skilled technical developers, empowers our multi channel strategies to maximise the value of all your marketing investments online and offline.

Conversion Marketing & Website Optimisation

Understanding the user experience along with our design and build skill set, enables us to improve sales in value and in volume. From immediate usability and landing page tests, through to SEO consultancy, and full-scale digital conversion audits, we can demonstrate return on investment improvements quickly and cost effectively.

Website Design and Build

From initial concept through to build and on-going website management, we have extensive experience in producing websites that build on your brand values and convert traffic effectively. We then continually refine these websites to ensure revenue is always maximized.

Digital Assets Design and Build

To engage with your audience in a cluttered marketplace, it is essential to ensure your digital assets perform effectively. equimedia deliver creative assets that make the most of dynamic content, product feeds, video, new formats and new technology platforms.


Using the power of digital to retain valued customers

Customer engagement

equimedia provide site content development strategy, social media and outreach strategies, and creative assets design and creation. This work is designed to make the most of dynamic content, product feeds, video, new formats and new technology platforms and to help our clients engage more effectively with their customers whilst boosting their SEO (search engine optimisation).

Our engagement strategies focus on the needs and interests of our clients’ customers, relevant third party bloggers and partner sites who appeal to the same target markets, and their own business objectives to maximise effectiveness in the online landscape, as it evolves.

Analytics & Insight

Our technology advantage allows us to digest vast amounts of customer data to provide the insight which drives our customer value enhancement strategies.

Our in-house systems speed up the delivery of data to our digital experts giving them more time to focus on analysis and deriving data driven insights to fuel further strategy improvements and creative engagement ideas. 

Social Media

We listen to our clients’ customers and key influencers in their market to then create innovative campaigns and content that develop conversations, engage customers, initiate social sharing and earn links relevant to our clients business and SEO objectives. 

Website & Conversion Marketing

With usability and landing page tests, through to SEO consultancy, and full-scale digital conversion audits, we have a proven methodology to increase customer purchase value and retention.

client experience


  • Everest

    "equimedia have developed our search marketing strategy both within Paid and Organic search so that it delivers an exceptionally cost effective business for us. They have made the digital channel one of our most important for development moving forwards and we are looking forward to continuing to work with them to do this."

    - Paul Mitchell, Head of Direct Marketing, Everest
  • Central Trust

    "It is a pleasure working with you and your team… your team is head and shoulder above most of the agencies I have dealt with over the last 20 years. In the future if I or anyone I know is looking for a digital agency then I will recommend equimedia."

    - Mukesh Rughani, Direct Marketing Manager, Central Trust
  • Panasonic

    "equimedia is one of the best online advertising agencies in Europe. Their knowledge of the market and techniques is excellent. By working with them, we have reduced the cost per advertising response by 80% while increasing total exposure to our product and brand. We increased total web leads 25% YoY while our advertising budget halved due to the recession. I thoroughly recommend them."

    - Stephen Yeo, Marketing Director, Panasonic
  • Petplan

    "Our digital assets have improved dramatically since equimedia took responsibility for them back in 2008. They worked closely with the Petplan team to overhaul the existing website to deliver a customer centric, content rich online environment.

    Since the launch, the team at equimedia have consistently defined ways in which the site can be improved to increase conversion, whilst also delivering designs that look great and in line with the brand. It also helps that they design and build across multiple channels including our websites, social media and banners. I highly recommend them and consider them a true extension of my team."

    - Margi Tooth, Marketing Manager, Allianz (Petplan)
  • Bsm

    "We found you to be the best search company that we have worked with, which in particular revolutionised our off-line to on-line strategy at BSM. Not only did you minimise and provide value for money on our PPC spend but also worked hard with our team to provide us with market leading SEO capability in a very competitive marketplace. Your understanding of how to maximise media spend and how that needs to add value to bottom line was second to none amongst media agencies.

    Making money for your Clients was exemplified by your use of social media with the "recommend a friend engine" that you built and led for us, this created a step change in conversions for the business. Most valuable for me personally however, was the analytics and insights that you provided and how you acted as a strategic partner to ensure that our business remained ahead of the chasing pack - this was highlighted on numerous occasions when without prompting and at your own cost you undertook initiatives to show us the way and then got us on board and convinced us to invest for what was in almost all cases immediate return."

    - Abu-Haris Shafi, BSM

case studies

  • HiPP Organic

    Creating a clear brand presence in social media.

    equimedia launched a social network hub that engaged the audience and stimulated brand advocacy.

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    HiPP Organic
  • Panasonic

    When the going got tough, Toughbooks got equimedia

    Toughbook needed a digital agency who could provide a digital strategy that would maximise leads through country specific websites whilst opening up new markets and verticals, in challenging economic conditions.

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  • WHSmith

    Driving profitable sales through technical innovation

    WHSmith deployed equimedia's Feedstream solution to market their complex product range efficiently and profitably.

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  • Europa

    Targeting specific audiences with engaging creative

    MotorCycle Direct had never considered display before. equimedia helped show them how to drive value efficiently in this new channel.

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  • Petplan

    Improving the conversion of digital assets

    Through insight and creative vision, equimedia transformed the Petplan website into a clean, modern, performance driven asset.

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