Digital Masterclass - Effective digital marketing in the age of privacy

This exclusive online masterclass outlined how to design and deliver successful online marketing campaigns, in the age of data privacy.

In 30-mins, digital growth experts' from equimedia take a close look at client's understandable unease as the “cookie-less future” approaches.

Topics covered;

  • How will businesses be impacted by third party cookies being phased out?
  • How should marketing teams best prepare for the imminent changes?
  • How to develop a 6-month roadmap to set you up for success
  • What you can be doing to test and learn now

The session is packed-full of invaluable insights and inspiration.

All attendees walk away with a 10-point checklist to review with their teams, which in turn will inform a solid 90-day First Party Data Strategy roadmap, and help future-proof campaigns.

Christian Taylor, Director, Datadecode said:

"This Masterclass is highly informative and relevant, and I will be sharing it with my contacts."  

witness the awe inspiring Equimedia masterclass globe.