VOD (Video-On-Demand)

Our media experts can place your ad in front of the right audiences on the right video on demand platforms to ensure your brand is seen cost efficiently and your investment adds value.
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Changing content consumption habits mean Video on Demand (VoD) campaigns can now reach audiences choosing to consume content when convenient for them.  ITV Hub, All4, My 5 and Sky Go all provide the opportunity to reach your audiences cost efficiently with better targeting options than linear TV and lower prices delivering more value from your TV  ad production investment. Use our team to plan and expertly optimise your VoD campaigns, and measure responses, too.

  • Broadcast VOD (BVOD)
  • Granular Targeting
  • Video Production
  • Campaign Optimisation
  • Multi-Channel Placement


VoD advertising allows us to reach a highly targeted audience using demographic, geographical and lifestyle data, which we can combine with data insights from TGI and Mosaic to ensure that your ad is being seen by the right audience at the right time.

Our in-house tracking and data experts ensure that your campaign is integrated with other digital activity via DoubleClick tracking technology, providing you with a full 360 degree view of the impact that your activity is having on activity in other channels and responses overall.

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Our Work

Citrus Loans

Citrus Loans asked us to help them launch a VOD campaign as a part of a larger scale multichannel video campaign, which would display their new TV advert across various video on demand platforms. The multichannel campaign was launched across TV, and YouTube. We used YouTube’s new lead gen tool so viewers could clicks the ad to fill in and submit a form to find out more.

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Performance Media