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Our experts can develop and manage your entire social media strategy to keep you at the forefront of online conversations. We ensure your paid campaigns work seamlessly with your organic social posts, and are targeted accurately to reach your ideal audience.
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Paid for and organic social Media campaigns are integral to most brands digital marketing success. Using target audience insights our planners and Kaizen trading desk team (Who are Facebook Blueprint qualified) will ensure your B2C or B2B paid for social media campaigns use the right platform for your target audiences, cut through the noise creatively, reach your ideal customers cost efficiently, and drive interest and engagement.

  • Facebook and Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
  • Full Funnel Strategy
  • Pixel Implementation
  • Conversions API set up


Whether we advise you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Xing in Germany or new platforms as they emerge, audiences can be targeted on their demographics, interests and behaviours and re-targeted. Your customer data can be used to exclude existing customers or find similar new audiences. Optimisation can be to your chosen Key Performance Indicator (KPI) be it site traffic or conversions.

Our experienced team deliver best-in-class campaigns, finding the right audiences through clever targeting, applying the scientific approach of establishing a control, test and learn, and optimising towards the required KPI's. We understand how different social platforms are used and how to maximise performance, combining audience insights, performance data and creative best practice. 

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Our Work


Mind briefed us to launch their new subscription box, Mind ‘Pause’. The Mind ‘Pause’ box gives subscribers a ‘Little me-time treat delivered to your door each month’ and is a way to support your mental health and boost your well-being. We ran an initial test in April 2018 to test Facebook as a platform for reaching the right target audience.

We exceeded the target for sign ups by 41%

Overall CPA of less than £42 in the first year

Doubled investment whilst keeping the CPA below £48

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Performance Media