Bringing your data to life by building bespoke visual dashboards in Google Data Studio that cut through the noise to enable clearer, quicker decision making.
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It is crucial for organisations to be able to get actionable insight from their data quickly. Long gone are the days you can wait for your weekly report to come through in excel – and who wants to trawl through excel data anyway?

We provide GA4 set ups with bespoke exploration reports and integration with CM360 so you can compare like with like and understand what is driving conversions more effectively. We can visualise GA4, CM360 and other data sources in Looker Studio dashboards constructed to deliver the reports and insights you need, making your data accessible and understandable.    

Google’s free Looker Studio reporting tool allows us to create customised visual dashboards that pull data from multiple sources and then allows you to share the information easily with your peers. By creating a bespoke dashboard for you we can provide your business with fully up to date data, allow you to segment and visualise results immediately, gain valuable insights, and make digital marketing decisions with confidence.

Custom attribution reporting, visualised in Looker Studio, allows you to understand the contribution each media channel, organic search and organic social media campaigns make to your overall sales or lead volumes. By truly understanding the importance of each strand of activity you can plan effectively to drive growth. We build attribution reports that are bespoke to each client that pull in data from multiple sources to give you a 360 degree view of how your marketing channels and campaigns work together.   

  • Bespoke Looker Studio Dashboards
  • Campaign Dashboards
  • Conversion Dashboards
  • Funnel Visualisation
  • Custom Attribution Reporting
  • Field & Event Based Visualisations
  • GA4 Set Ups and Exploration Report Creation


Google Looker Studio allows you to visualise and combine data sources from across the Google Stack, as well as pull in data from other key marketing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more. Allowing us to create your Looker Studio dashboards, you will set your company on the road to becoming a more data-driven business. Our specialist team will help review your reporting challenges, then design and create a Looker Studio dashboard that will become a core part of your daily monitoring, reporting, and optimisation processes.

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Our Work

London's Air Ambulance Charity

Working with London's Air Ambulance charity we used a data driven approach to optimise their user journey's through their site and their donation funnel.

Detailed Google Analytics data analysis visualised in Looker Studio delivered a 360 degree view of website user journeys identifying drop off points in journeys prior to reaching the donation funnel, and as users passed through the donation funnel step by step. We enhanced the user journey analysis with Hotjar heatmapping insights as well as live user sessions recordings. The data insights generated informed the CRO experiments deployed ensuring a high success rate.

The project delivered an 11% increase in traffic to the donation funnel, a 29% increase in the donation funnel start to complete rate and a significant increase in donation revenue. 

11% increase in traffic to donation funnel

29% increase in donation funnel start to complete rate

Significant increase in donation revenue

What Our Clients Think

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