Customer Profiling

Defining your ideal target audience by analysing your customer data and buying behaviour across multiple touchpoints, and bringing them to life through our unique profiling tools and visualisation techniques.
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The customer data you hold is gold dust. It can tell you who buys what from you, where they are, who they are, their interests, attitudes and behaviours online, the content they consume and the platforms they use. If you can segment your customers into customer types to identify those who are most valuable to you; perhaps those that make the highest number of orders per year or spend the most with you each time they order, we can tell you all about them and use the insights we create to improve all your digital marketing activity, from your website design and build, to your PPC, display and video campaigns.     

If you don’t have customer data, that’s not a problem. We can work with you to understand which brands and products are similar to yours and construct ideal customer profiles from research into those brands. If you are a business to business brand we can also help you, as after all, your customers are people too!   

  • Customer Profiling
  • Persona Creation
  • Market Trends & Insights
  • Business Customer Profiling
  • Media Consumption Analysis

We use an array of tools to help us understand your customer data. This includes Experian, Mosaic 7 and Financial Segments and industry leading third party toolsets such as TGI  to understand life stage, income and geographic location.

We offer several levels of service:

Summary Reports

A FREE snapshot of your audience personas and your market opportunities for finding new customers, clients or supporters, including a call with our team of experts to talk through your ideas and ambitions for your digital campaigns.

This basic report created using a sampled dataset from a group of your best customers is the ideal place to start the conversation about how to identify, reach and win new customers.

Audience & Strategy Reports

These reports feature the full range insights we can provide from ‘Audience Segmentation’ and ‘Persona’ creation through to ‘Media Planning insights’ with actionable outcomes.

This insight will inform your creative development for acquisition campaigns and CRM communications, and your media planning and targeting helping to deliver greater Return on Investment through increased customer acquisition and sales.

What do you need to provide?

Our minimum requirement is a full customer postcode for an identified group of customers to allow us to begin to segment and analyse your audiences.

No data to share but need audience insights?

If you are a start-up organisation or have little data to share, don’t worry we can still help using our third-party toolsets; just select a ‘Reverse Audience’ planning option. In these reports we reverse engineer ideal customer segments for you to provide the ‘Summary Reverse Audience Report’ to help improve your marketing targeting, or the more insightful ‘Reverse Audience & Strategy Report’ giving you more market analysis and actionable insights to inform marketing strategy development.  

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Our Work


Aldermore Bank, founded in 2009, had grown quickly but still had ambitious growth targets and wanted to attract more small business customers. We analysed their customer data to build profiles of customer types to help us target these audiences in all digital media campaigns. Overlaying commercial mosaic codes and SIC codes on existing customer records and cross-referencing with Domestic Experian codes we build profiles for SME business decision-makers. This ideal customer insight allowed us to take on and improve their PPC and display campaign targeting, and attribution analysis allowed us to understand the role of each digital channel in their campaigns to deliver outstanding results and the growth in SME customers the client wanted.

181% increase in sales

29% reduction in cost per sale

What Our Clients Think

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