AdSmart & DRTV

Utilising our TV expertise and relationships with TV broadcasters, we can place your ad in front of a larger audience using a variety of techniques to ensure your campaigns remain targeted and cost efficient.
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Sky AdSmart campaigns use Sky’s customer data, rather than the programmes being watched, to target particular audiences. This buying methodology is similar to the targeting used to buy programmatic display ad campaigns meaning AdSmart ads can be highly localised, only shown to specific audience types and a cost efficient way of building brand and driving response.

  • Granular Targeting
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Sky Campaigns
  • Virgin TV Campaigns
  • Attribution
  • TVTY Syncing


Audience centric deployment of advertising budget means that every pound you spend works hard as part of a holistically constructed whole to drive awareness and response.

Our campaign response tracking abilities and attribution analysis skills mean we can understand the uplift an AdSmart or DRTV campaign can have on awareness and response in other digital channels so it can be used tactically to boost response at key times.

If your audiences consume linear TV we can plan and buy traditional DRTV campaigns through our partner TV buyer. Using our team means we can not only track conversions on site and understand the uplift generated by particular TV, AdSmart or VoD ad buys but we can create synergy between your TV ads, display, Paid search and Social media campaigns both creatively and through the use of TV Sync technology such as TVTY. Using technology to ensure paid search and social media ads exploit dual screening behaviours in your target audiences, maximises response and delivers great Return on Investment.   

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Our Work

Financial Services Provider

Our financial services solution provider client asked us how they could maximise the value of all of their media investment and specifically their TV ad spend. We set up a campaign to sync their paid search ads with their TV ad slots and increased their campaign Return on Investment significantly.

55% increase in click through rate on search ads

24% increase in conversion rate

40% decrease in cost per lead

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Performance Media