We work with PPC and CRO experts to optimise organic search landing pages to raise awareness of your website, increase organic traffic to your most valuable pages and ensure your pages deliver what your site users need and expect. We believe that SEO, PPC and CRO need to work together to achieve the best optimisation results overall, and need to work closely with your website management team to improve your site rankings through excellent technical health and by providing content that satisfies search intent.
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SEO is the process of ensuring your target customers and the search engines understand what your products and services are, and that your user experience and content is amongst the very best in your sector. This involves developing a highly effective and informative website that answers your customers questions and delivers what they need, and is technically well-built and accessible demonstrating you are a trusted brand. The reward for a great SEO strategy is higher rankings on Google and Bing that deliver customers to the right page on your website, and landing pages that inform and then convert users to customers.

We are experts in: 

  • Situation Analysis
  • SEO Strategy
  • Increasing Site Traffic
  • Content Development Strategy
  • SERP & Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

At the heart of a strong web presence is content that delivers Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trust (EEAT) to your customers and target audiences.  Google rewards sites which are high quality and provide excellent resources to meet the requirements - the ‘search intent’ - of your audience.

Good SEO is about your website being technically fit for purpose and the deployment of excellent content that adds value to your audience’s user experience, and is understandable by search engines.

Delivering users to your site through organic search is just the start; your site then needs to offer a good experience and convert traffic to sales or leads. Executing data-driven Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) experiments is a key part of any content development strategy. It is the process where all aspects of a target audience's experience are tested through data-driven experiments to improve conversion rate. This process removes our innate biases and ensures our tests use data-led insights to inform decision making.  

PPC can help in this process as it is trying to deliver to the same search intent as organic search. Running CRO experiments using paid search can deliver results quickly that benefit both paid search and organic search visibility and user journeys.  

Whether you are needing to generate high value leads in a B2B environment or grow you visibility as an eCommerce retailer, equimedia has a strong track record of delivering sustainable results through increasing the ranking of your key search terms  on Google and other search engines in UK and internationally. 

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What is equimedia's SEO approach?

SEO is an integrated element of Search Engine Marketing which includes PPC, Display and Programmatic.  We have a laser focus on the target users' search intent and help you meet their needs better than your competitors do. This provides long term high rankings and landing pages that deliver strong conversion rates across all digital channels. 

Is SEO a technical or marketing function?

Our belief is that SEO is fundementally about digital marketing excellence because it is about understanding and satsifying the search intent of the visitor.  As an SEO agency we have strong technical understanding of the requirements of the search engines and work closely with clients and developers to meet these.  

Why choose equimedia for SEO?

equimedia has been delivering successful SEO campaigns for clients for 20 years. During this time search engines like Google have changed their requirements hugely.  However, what has not changed is that SEO is about providing content that your visitors are looking for, strong technical skills and excellent communication between our SEO and CRO consultants and you, as the client.  As our case studies show, this formula produces stable long term success.

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Our Work

Pet Insurance Review (PIR) a US pet insurance quote aggregator and review site, tasked equimedia with improving their natural search site visibility and rankings, but also to increase relevant site traffic for core generic head term searches and increase quote requests. To do this, PIR needed a well optimised, technically robust website with audience-centric content. They also needed equimedia to create a straightforward user journey that would result in more quote requests, insurer reviews and engagement with the site content. Averaging position 3.5 (top 5) for the highly competitive head term "pet insurance" in the U.S. market. 

Increased organic traffic by 25%

Increased traffic to homepage by 100%

Increased quote submissions by 144%

What Our Clients Think

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