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Kallik - Re-defining and re-launching the brand

Re-defining and Re-launching the Brand
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We joined the Kallik team during an exciting period of growth for the business. The brand and proposition were being refreshed to better reflect their industry leading enterprise labelling technology, and they needed a new website experience that reflected their truly innovative product and services.

  • Create a crisp, modern, and innovative website that conveys Kallik's global reach and scale
  • Convey Kallik's positioning and differentiating factors in a clearer way
  • Drive more leads
  • Create an easy to use agile CMS integrated with HubSpot Marketing Automation Platform
  • Future proof for global expansion
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Our Approach

Kallik website thumbnailOur first step was undertaking a detailed Research & Discovery phase, working closely with the Kallik team to learn how to resonate with their target customer. Our goal during this phase was to construct a user experience that suited the users needs, the technical SEO needs, our analytics needs, and factored in learnings from competitors. Combining all this valuable stakeholder, data and user insight with the fundamental business requirements for the brand re-launch was essential to ensure we set ourselves up for success.

With these strong foundations underpinning everything, we then created detailed low-fi prototypes and hi-fi designs, developing these in an agile way to ensure the constantly evolving brand, product and business proposition were hero'd in the most user friendly way possible.

The new experience needed to be slick, high quality and reflect the highly technical and cutting edge nature of the business. We also needed to better communicate 'what Kallik did' which we achieved via simplified navigation, SVG animation, video, dynamic imagery, and concise but punchy messaging.

To provide the CMS flexibility, marketing automation integration, and global future proofing required, Drupal 8 was the CMS of choice. By using Drupal 8 we satisfied all specification requirements whilst providing the client the best editing experience possible.

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The new website shows how Kallik are THE experts in labelling for regulated industries, delivering speed, compliance and insight across the whole labelling lifecycle. The new website sets a standard for the sector and creates strong foundations for what is sure to be a period of exciting growth.

  • A highly visual experience utilising SVG animation and video
  • Fast access to information, tailored by industry
  • A scalable Drupal 8 site that builds solid foundations for growth
  • Integration with HubSpot Marketing Automation

kallik website on macbook"Designing a new website that effectively communicated our new brand and positioning was a real challenge, but we're delighted we chose to partner with equimedia. They immersed themselves in the business and our requirements from the beginning, providing continual guidance and recommendations based on data and user insight, and the results speak for themselves. We now have a website experience we can be truly proud of."

David Bennett - Chief Commercial Officer, Kallik

Scalable Drupal Site

Modern & Crisp UX Design

Visual Storytelling via SVG Animation & Video

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