7th August 2019

A Total Guide to Callout Extensions

Andy Thorp
Read time: 4min
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Callout extensions allow you to highlight your business's USP’s to end users. In the below example perks like “Free and Easy Returns” or “Free Delivery To Store” can be highlighted in callout extensions. Essentially, you can show customers what you can offer with additional text to the ad outside the Expanded Text Ads. Callout extensions have a character limit of 25 and up to 10 can feature in each ad and they are a non-clickable. You must have at least 2 callouts for these to display.  

Why Use them 

Callout extensions are an ad on to help promote your business and offerings and an opportunity to provide information that is specific to your business without eating into the core ad character limits. Callouts are free to implement and ultimately give the end user a better user experience and more relatable content. It also gives the advertiser the opportunity to say more and promote unique aspects or quirks of their business.  

Offers are an incredibly effective and powerful conversion tool and having the ability to highlight these can help draw attention from end users, making the account more efficient because of the increased conversions through an increased click through rate. The opportunity to stand out in what can be congested auctions, is priceless.   

Where to add them 

Callouts can be added via Google Ads Editor or through the Google Ads interface. First off select “Ads and Extensions” down the left hand side menu. Then select extensions from the top bar and filter to callout extensions. Then select apply. 

Now you are ready to create your callout extension. Fill in the “Callout Text” box and save. Just decide which level you wish for the callout to be applied to. 

Adding Via Google Ads Editor 

  • Go into Google Ads Editor 
  • Callout Extensions can be added via the Shared Library Tab 
  • Select “Shared Library” and then “Add Shared Callout Extension” – These can then be added at Account, Campaign or Ad Group Level.  


Tips and tricks best practice 

If you decide to give callout extensions a go, keep these things in mind: 

  • Callout extensions are available only for "Search Network Only" and "Search Network with Display Select" campaigns. 
  • Google will generally show your highest performingand most useful combination of extensions and formats, so while you don't have control over what shows up where, you don't have to guess at which extensions will have the greatest impact on your Click through rate.
  • You cannot use dynamic keyword insertionfor your callouts text. 
  • You can't use gimmicky symbols or emoticons in callouts. 
  • Use sentence case rather than title case, for example “Free shipping” not “Free Shipping.” Google says they have seen better results in testing with sentence case.

To summarise:

  • Using extensions is also an ad ranking factor and will help the ad appear in higher positions. 
  • They are flexible and can be added at different levels within the account.  
  • These customisable callouts can be optimized for mobile devices and you can change your message on the callout to reflect this. 
  • Remember callout extensions are non-clickable.

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