23rd January 2020

Sitelink Extensions are Now Live on TrueView for Action

Anna Cipullo
Read time: 3min
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Sitelink extensions are now live in TrueView for Action Ads, meaning you can now present more than one landing page with your YouTube ads. If used correctly, Google say you could expect to see a 40%+ increase in conversions and a 30% reduction in CPA with this tool. 

What are YouTube Sitelink Extensions?  

TrueView is a video ad feature that gives the viewer interactive options in their YouTube advert, for example, with the ‘skip ad’ button. Sitelink extensions are typically talked about with regards to PPC, where multiple landing pages can be presented in one Pay Per Click ad. Now that sitelink extensions have been added to TrueView, this gives you the opportunity to present more than one landing page to a user when they are viewing ads on YouTube. 

Case Study 

Google recently worked with a leading travel portal to test out the new sitelink extensions. The client wanted to advertise simultaneous deals and holiday packages to give the user the best opportunity to click on a more relevant landing page. By using a mixture of links with their ad they drove a 26% better click through rate. The client also observed a 58% better conversion rate, all thanks to sitelinks on YouTube for Action.  

Best Practices 

You’ll find the ‘add sitelink extension’ function in the ‘extensions’ tab, and this will give you an array of options to detail your campaign, however, we would recommend the following as a best practice guideline: 

  1. Add sitelink descriptions, but keep them short 
  2. Create a compelling Call to Action 
  3. Use Conversion Tracking on your sitelinks’ landing pages  
  4. Submit at least 4 sitelinks that make sense for your business  


Video ads bring your marketing to life, and they can communicate multiple messages in one short clip. Having multiple messages may increase your click-through rate, but if the user comes through to a landing page that doesn’t quite match their needs, then conversions could remain low. With sitelinks on TrueView you can offer the user multiple landing pages that better meet their needs, thus increasing your chances of better conversion rates.  

If you have any queries on this subject, or you want to discuss how we can help you with sitelink extensions on YouTube ads, please get in touch!