7th December 2021

TikTok Lead Generation Ads

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Sophie Knight
Senior Planning Account Executive
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Earlier this year, TikTok introduced Lead Generation ads to the platform to allow advertisers to capture user data via the Lead Generation in-stream ads.

With platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn having offered this functionality for quite some time, this change will open the possibility that TikTok could become one of the most used and popular advertising platforms when it comes to driving customer acquisition.

TikTok stated:

‘TikTok's Lead Generation enables businesses of all sizes to create seamless interactions to reach prospects in order to convert them into potential customers. Lead Generation starts by making it easy for users to fill out a form and provide their information (e.g., Name, Email, Phone) in order to signal their interest in that particular product or service. Additionally, basic information that our users provide to TikTok can also be automatically populated for an efficient experience between the business and user. TikTok's Lead Generation also enables businesses to create fully customisable messages that are relevant to multiple customer segments. Leads can then be downloaded manually, or if integrated with a business' CRM, leads can be immediately activated. For businesses on TikTok, the information in these forms is vital to ensure that they are reaching interested customers in a respectable way.’

Tiktok Lead Gen Ads
Source: TikTok


When a person fills in the lead gen form and submits their information, this is then stored on TikTok and can be downloaded manually, or fed directly into your CRM.

TikTok are making it known that the privacy of users is very important and so they have included a privacy notice which is displayed stating that TikTok are collecting the user’s information for advertisers as well as including two privacy policies; one with TikTok’s privacy policy and one with the advertiser’s privacy policy. Both are both linked to the lead gen form. It is worth noting that the information gathered through the lead gen forms are only accessible to the advertiser.

‘Users can edit their information on the form or click to exit out of the form at any time. This means that our community can be confident that when it comes to their data privacy, it’s always their choice first.’

Following the impact of Apple’s IDFA update in the spring which left many opting out of targeting and tracking in apps, this development, to collect user information via lead gen forms, could be even more appealing to advertisers. Offering advertisers the opportunity to collect data directly will reduce the impact of the update, allowing advertisers to build their own database. The downside to this is that gathering direct data does not allow for tracking interest/conversion behaviour in app.

Taking the above into consideration, overall Lead Generation is great for building out your own audience pool by registering user information and adding this into campaigns, making this a great addition to the TikTok platform!

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