10th September 2020

What are Discovery Ads?

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Sam Akester
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What are Discovery ads?

We like to be helpful at equimedia, so in case you were wanting to know more about Google Discovery ads, here are all your burning questions answered!

Discovery ads are a new way for brands to engage consumers as they scroll through Google’s most popular feeds. They combine paid search with display to show highly visual and inspiring personalised ad content to people who are ready to discover and connect with your brand. Discovery ads appear on the Google Discover feed, the mobile YouTube feed and in Gmail.

The Google Discover feed is a personalised page for all your interests. Google uses its algorithm to show users relevant content they are likely to engage with.

How do Discovery ads work?

In order to run them, advertisers must create a specific Discovery campaign and upload some creative assets and ad copy. Google then uses its machine learning to optimise so that it can show the best performing combinations of ad copy and images to a user. This form of ads are run based on audience targeting. The advertiser must select the audiences they want to target so that the ads are served to relevant users.

Discovery ads are great for building awareness of your brand and to try and attract new customers to your website. The feeds that the ads appear in have the ability to reach hundreds of millions of people. Google revealed that the Discover feed alone now reaches 800 million users globally which shows the great potential they have to find new customers!

With the use of automated bidding within PPC ever growing, it comes as no surprise that Discovery ads use automated bidding and give you the option of using Maximise conversions bidding or Target CPA to optimise your campaign bids to meet your main marketing goal.


Discovery Ads on YouTube, Google Discover and Gmail promotions (Source: Search Engine Land)

When should I use Discovery ads?

Google has suggested that there are a few different reasons why you may want to use Discovery ads. They can help you find new customers. You may want to increase your awareness and there is no better way to do this than by showing ads on a feed that millions of people scroll through. Finding new customers is the driver of growth for a company so using this form of ad for brand awareness could have great long-term benefits for your business.

Discovery ads also give you the chance to reconnect with your most valuable customers.

Not only can Discovery ads help you find new customers, they can also help you to market to existing customers who love your brand and are likely to engage with your ad. Guiding new and existing customers to your site through these ads can ultimately help increase conversions at scale.

Discovery ads can boost your brand, cost efficiently. With cheaper CPCs currently, these ads give advertisers the opportunity to drive many more clicks to site using Google’s feeds which millions of people engage with daily. With competition relatively low it is a good time to start testing these ads!

At equimedia, we have seen great results with Discovery ads; please get in touch if you would like some help in setting up a campaign or need any help with your marketing approach. We’d love to help boost your brand and drive growth!