18th May 2021

Would you pay to unlock more user content on Twitter? Exploring the launch of ‘Super Follow’ and other new platform features 

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Beth Bartholomew
Social Media Manager
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At the end of April 2021, Twitter announced they were launching the testing of Professional Profiles – a new tool for businesses, non-profits, publishers, and creators. This is designed for anyone who uses Twitter for work, with the intention of potentially monetising their account and adding more accessible business information.  

Twitter Professional Profiles

The new features seem to include development of features to bring us a new profile layout including: 

  • Address 

  • Contact Details 

  • Business Category 

  • Business Badge 

It’s also looking likely for Twitter to add product listings, galleries and more options to turn your Twitter profile into a store front. 

With all these new features also comes the introduction of the ‘Super Follow’ and tipping options within the platform. This new feature will allow users to monetise their content with exclusive bonus posts for Super Followers, who will be paying users. This feature is similar to sites such as Patreon which allow creators to offer tiers of additional content for a cost.  

It looks like this is still a feature Twitter is working on, so we’ll find out more in the coming weeks. A lot of social platforms are moving to monetisation and whilst this is a natural path for growing influencers, we’re wondering if multiple channels offering this feature will become too much?  

Instagram has launched a similar tips feature using Badges on their Live feature. This allows users to buy a badge when viewing an Instagram Live, this gets them special acknowledgement in the comments of the stream and helps the influencer monetise their content.  

So, with similar features gracing both Instagram and Twitter, could it become difficult to choose where to support creators? We think it’s brilliant these platforms are offering the option to allow their users to earn through these sites; it will be interesting to see how this affects user’s content. It will also be interesting to see if this feature will be one brands will benefit from; non-profit organisations for example could tap into this in a similar way to Facebook’s donate button.  

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