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Is SEO dead for Financial Services?

Fri 7/1/2016
  • Who is doing well?
  • Learnings from top players
  • How to maximise visibility
  • Using paid to inform SEO
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Is SEO dead for Financial Services?

Since 2000, equimedia has worked with Clients competing in competitive financial services markets, and we have observed one common theme across the entire sector: The dominance of aggregators and the growth in their influence on the consumer to be price or rate led, is as huge as their marketing budgets!

This research paper analyses thousands of data points to identify financial services aggregators and top brands share of voice in natural search results. We look at the facts and discuss what this could mean for marketers in terms of paid and organic search strategies.

Is SEO really dead for the entire financial services sector, or do brands just need to find another way to maximise their website’s natural visibility?

The whitepaper summarised our research across eight financial product categories. 


  • The importance of using attribution analysis to find the true value of each channel so you can build a business case for investment in channels that don’t typically deliver last-click sales, such as organic search
  • How you can use data to assess the opportunity you have in your market and to develop an audience-centric SEO strategy (encompassing technical SEO, content development and content amplification)
  • Essential advice for monitoring technical SEO, undertaking keyword research and measuring how your content performs over time

About the Author

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Louise Burgess
Board Director

Louise started her marketing career agency side, moving client side to launch the supporter fundraising programmes for The Blue Cross. After starting a family she co-founded equimedia with Andrew in 2000, supporting key client relationships, the equimedia team and managing the back office functions.