[Webinar] Shaken, Not Stirred: A Strategy to Drive Growth in the No/Low Alcohol Drinks Market

The Webinar took place on Tuesday 17th May 2022.

Key highlights:

  • The opportunities in the UK no/low alcohol market
  • No/low alcohol insights from Google
  • Our top tips on driving cost efficent sales

Presented by:

  • Mark Thelwall, Head of Strategy & Planning, Equimedia
  • Eithne Ni Choncubhair, Agency Development Manager, Google


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Shaken, Not Stirred: A Strategy to Drive Growth in the No/Low Alcohol Drinks Market

Tuesday 17th May 2022 | 11:00 to 12:00 BST

There’s been an explosion of new no/low alcohol drinks on the market in the past couple of years but gaining visibility and sales can be hard for brands competing with large brands with deep pockets. Simply launching your product without the right planning won’t achieve the cut through and sales you might hope for, so what can you do?

Understanding how to identify your niche target audiences and how to use these insights to create marketing campaigns that reach and resonate with them, cost efficiently, is key to success. We’re a performance marketing agency that has been lucky enough to work with challenger brands with ambitious targets for many years, and we know how to discover insights that help us deliver cost efficient marketing campaigns that sell product.

In this one-hour webinar, equimedia and Google will help you discover new ways to effectively reach and sell to your customers by utilising the right insight and the right digital channels. And we’ll explain our 4 top tips to drive success, now.


Shaken Not Stirred

About the Presenters

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Mark Thelwall
Planning Account Director

Mark initially joined equimedia in 2013 as part of our paid search team, before moving client side for 5 years. Mark’s experience across digital channels and how they work together with offline media, along with a desire to always keep ahead of future trends and innovation positions him well as our Planning Account Director.

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Eithne Ni Choncubhair
Agency Development Manager, Google

Éithne partners digital agencies around the UK; driving overall business growth for agencies and their clients, providing client services, research and market analysis. She is passionate about digital advertising and about the key role agencies play in developing their client's digital presence and increasing their profitability. Prior to Google she worked as a Marketing Manager for a tech start up in Vancouver, Canada. She is a mam to an 18 month old, energetic toddler and in her spare time can be seen traipsing around playgrounds and drinking vast quantities of coffee!