[Webinar] Claws and Effect: Opportunities in the UK Pet Market

Key highlights:

  • The recent changes and opportunities in the UK pet market
  • Google pet market insights
  • How to improve direct to consumer selling

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Claws and Effect: Opportunities in the UK Pet Market

Do you want to reach and sell more effectively to the growing audience of pet parents? How are some pet brands managing it so successfully? What’s their secret?

They understand market trends, how to identify target audiences and adapt their marketing strategy to reach and engage new pet parents. We’ve worked with some of the top pet insurers and retailers in the UK and USA and understand how to identify key pet parent audiences for your products, find them and convert them to customers, cost-efficiently.

In this one-hour webinar, Google and equimedia will help you discover new ways to effectively reach and sell to your ideal customers by utilising the right digital channels. And we’ll explain our 5 top tips to improve your direct to consumer sales now.

Claws and Effect

About the Presenters

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Payal Pahalajani
Agency Development Manager

Payal is an Agency Development Manager and partners with independent agencies in the UK. She has been at Google for 8 years and was a YouTube Specialist working with large US retailers in her previous role.

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Mark Thelwall
Head of Strategy & Planning

Mark initially joined equimedia in 2013 as part of our paid search team, before moving client side for 5 years. Mark’s experience across digital channels and how they work together with offline media, along with a desire to always keep ahead of future trends and innovation positions him well as our Planning Account Director.

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Ross Britton
Chief Operating Officer

Ross has been with equimedia over 7 years and leads business operations and our Digital Experience team. With a broad knowledge and a keen eye for detail, his focus is on delivering outstanding website user experiences, high quality builds, and conversion rate improvements the drive business growth.