26th March 2020

Business as usual at equimedia during the Coronavirus pandemic

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Andrew Burgess
Founder and CEO
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26th March 2020

The team at equimedia hope you, your teams and your families are keeping well in what are very challenging conditions.

We are now in our second week of remote working and we have online access to all our systems, research, optimisation and measurement tools and the service you are receiving should be as it was before the crisis.

We are keeping a close eye on changing market conditions and identifying trends in market behaviours as soon as possible.  To this end we are working closely with our suppliers such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and many others who are also remote working, as an extension of our service to our Clients. 

Our telephone number of 01793715440 is set up to switch to our teams mobile phones and in the unlikely event this does not work please drop an email to your usual contacts.

Team phone numbers:

Account Management - 07399 527413,

Website Experience - 07974 354040 and 07983 202684,

PPC - 07813 626077 and 07875 637904,

Media - 07539 941404,

Finance - 07890286047.

Assuring all our Clients of our continued support.