23rd September 2021

What Disruption Means for B2B Businesses

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Ross Britton
Website Experience Director
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In the first instalment of what is an ongoing series of briefings about the synergies between Equimedia and our new strategic partner Ibexa DXP, we outlined the anatomy of the Digital Experience Platform. We also analysed what makes Ibexa DXP a great addition to our expertise which will enable us to take advantage of the growing opportunities in B2B e-commerce. 

Covid-19 was a digital moment of truth for B2B businesses. Before the health crisis, an astonishing 40% of B2B marketing budgets in the US were spent on trade shows which, virtually overnight, became impossible. 

Staring at this void, B2B companies had no choice but to push ahead aggressively with digital transformation – or completely pivot their business model and we, at equimedia, have helped support them. For example, we enabled online learning sessions for Panasonic; successful webinars for Eaton – driving attendance and lead generation; and increased lead generation activity for both brands.   

This is the tip of the iceberg. All B2B companies, regardless of how seriously they have been affected by Covid-19, are re-strategizing their digital approach. We believe they are best served by a DXP to do that effectively, and this conviction lies at the basis of our collaboration with Ibexa. We have jointly published an eBook that represents our thought leadership on how Ibexa DXP can help achieve the technological aspects of digital transformation.  

Download it today and discover how disruption can be a force for good in your business. 

B2B eBook