Black Friday Bonanza


Black Friday Bonanza

Spikes as consumers seek early Black Friday deals!

The hype around Black Friday and Cyber Monday seems to get greater every year with the buzz starting weeks in advance of the day.  This year is no different as consumers are searching for early Black Friday deals!

Retailers have seen huge traffic spikes over the last few days as consumers are looking for discounted goods, which could be partially due to the fact that last year Black Friday fell on the 23rd November!

It's not just the UK either... It appears that consumers across Europe are unsure as to when Black Friday falls. Black Friday queries have skyrocketed because of this, with 127% growth for Black Friday queries in the UK, 108% increase in Germany, 125% increase in the Netherlands, 110% increase in France and a 76% increase in Italy.

These are day on day growth figures that Google haven't seen at all this month!

“The official day for Black Friday 2019 is November 29. However, we see evidence that many retailers discount their prices from the middle of November in an attempt to stay ahead of competitors. Amazon launched its Black Friday Countdown sales earlier this week, in the run-up to their Black Friday sales, which will start Saturday 23rd November — a week before the official Black Friday date”


If you'd planned to launch a campaign on Black Friday, you should consider bringing the launch date forward immediately to take advantage of the high demand and maximise your sales.

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