Black Friday Search Trends


Black Friday Search Trends

Top stats, searchs and trends this Black Friday

We recently shared a blog article about the increasing spikes in website traffic that retailers were seeing in the lead up to Black Friday; no doubt caused by consumers jumping on the early Black Friday deals.

In the UK alone, Black Friday queries were up 127%.

Well, now Black Friday (BF) is upon us we can reveal the top interest stats, search queries and trends in the run-up to BF compared to last year’s statistics.

Here are the key Black Friday Interest Stats:

  • As of 6pm Thursday, BF queries were up 30% over Wednesday and 20% higher than the previous Thursday
  • Search queries for BF have generally peaked at 4pm and shown the highest levels from there onwards over the past 7 days
  • As of 7am this morning, Black Friday interest is up +121% in the UK over Thursday, an increase of +60% over the last Friday
  • In the U.S., Black Friday interest is up +133%, in Germany it’s up 157% and >60% in all other markets

So, there’s a lot of Black Friday interest… but what are consumers buying? Check out the biggest product peaks over the last 24 hours in the UK:

Top Product Searches

  • Perfume
  • Electric Toothbrush
  • Airpods
  • Sneakers
  • Video Game consoles
  • Tracksuits

Brands ‘peaking’ in the last 24 hours in the UK


  • Missguided (+24% DoD)
  • ASOS (+90% DoD)
  • Nike (+37%)

Consumer Electronics:

  • Carphone Warehouse (+45% DoD)
  • Bose (+54% DoD)
  • Curry (+85% DoD)
  • Apple (+41% DoD)


  • Net-a-Porter (+47% DoD)
  • Harvey Nichols (+54% DoD)
  • Mr Porter (+40%)

Department Stores

  • Debenhams (+43%)
  • Very (+38%)
  • Argos (+39%)
  • Amazon appears to have spread their demand throughout the week as they have had fewer peaks than other brands

What trends do Google anticipate for today?

According to Google, desktop searches start to drop after 11am and a lot of the searches come from mobile during the afternoon. The evening peak is almost entirely driven by mobile.

Apparel searches peak in the afternoon into the evening, and other categories are more constant throughout the day.

There has been a huge focus on shopping with traffic growing strongly year-on-year.

Last Sunday saw more Retail Shopping clicks in the UK than Black Friday 2018!

Bearing all of this in mind, we’d advise that you plan ahead if you’ve got some weekend shopping lined up because it’s not over yet…

  • Saturday and Sunday were still huge peaks in the UK last year
  • Sunday search volume was 7% greater in apparel than on Friday
  • Saturday was 9% higher than Friday in Home Décor, and Sunday was 27% greater
  • Sunday was 9% bigger than Friday for toys

According to a UK Google Consumer Survey run yesterday, 82% of consumers knew it was Black Friday today rather than last week. It doesn’t seem like many people were fooled by the changing dates and we imagine it’s likely to be a chaotic weekend!

Keep an eye out for our next blog which explains our top tips for maximising sales this Christmas!

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