[Webinar] Google Analytics 4: Beyond GA4; Setting Up For Success


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Join Ross Britton, COO, equimedia to discover how to set your business up for success by considering the wider Google ecosystem opportunities

This session is perfect for you if you've set up your GA4 account and are now thinking about how to make the most of the data being collected in terms of your business reporting and to empower your marketing campaigns. Ross will cover:

  • Improving consent and opt in rates
  • Utilising Google Consent mode to help data modelling
  • Data layer implementation to improve detailed data collection to inform CRO
  • Using Big Query and Looker Studio to preserve data beyond 14 months and report
  • Building predictive audiences for marketing¬†

If you are wondering how to further develop your GA4 setup and would like help to build your ideal analytics 'layer cake' please get in touch.


The Expert

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Ross Britton
Chief Operating Officer

Ross has been with equimedia over 7 years and leads business operations and our Digital Experience team. With a broad knowledge and a keen eye for detail, his focus is on delivering outstanding website user experiences, high quality builds, and conversion rate improvements the drive business growth.