[Webinar] Masterclass #2: Guess who?...How well do you know your customers?


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Join Amisha Rathod to find out how understanding exactly who your customers are is the key to delivering effective marketing campaigns. 

In this 30 minute Masterclass Amisha Rathod, Head of Media, discusses the dangers of making assumptions about your customers. She explains how valuable detailed information about their geo-demographic attributes, behaviours, media consumption habits and attitudes can super-charge your creative and campaign targeting to deliver greater engagement, sales and leads.

Topics covered: 

  • The dangers of making assumptions about your target customer
  • The tools available to help you uncover valuable insights about your current customers
  • How you can use those insights to identify growth opportunities
  • Ways to apply the insights to your marketing strategy
  • Why regular analysis is improtant

The session is packed full of invaluable insights and inspiration and you'll leave with a checklist of actions to kick start your customer exploration.

If you are wondering how to understand your customers better, and would like help to apply the insights to your marketing, please get in touch.


The Expert

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Amisha Rathod
Head of Media

Amisha started her career at equimedia in 2006. She spent time living and working in London, and then made the decision to return to equimedia in 2019. Amisha has expertise in all elements of digital marketing media planning and buying from both a brand and performance perspective. She leads our media team in creating multi-channel, full funnel (pirate) campaigns that reach, engage and convert browsers to customers for our clients in diverse industries from B2B to retail and charity to financial services.