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Rephine are an experienced Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) compliance specialist providing consultancy and auditing services to life science companies around the world.They have twenty years’ experience providing quality assurance consulting, professional supply chain auditing services and regulatory assessments and compliance services.

Rephine wanted to generate high-quality leads through digital marketing for their gold standard services. The challenge was to cost effectively reach their niche target audience of senior individuals working in quality assurance in UK pharmaceutical manufacturers.

  • Reach the right decision makers in niche businesses
  • Generate sales leads, cost efficiently
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Our Approach

Our team of B2B lead generation experts created a campaign to test LinkedIn paid social ads as a source of high quality leads, with support from paid search.

Reaching key decision makers in niche markets is challenging. However, our team leveraged their experience of working with other B2B businesses constructing a highly targeted campaign to reach key decision makers in quality assurance in UK pharmaceutical companies.

The campaign was designed to improve awareness of the brand following a recent brand re-launch, and drive consideration, research and ultimately leads for Rephine’s sales team to follow up. The paid search campaign was launched to complement the LinkedIn activity and capitalise on the increased search volumes generated.

The LinkedIn campaign had several elements:

  • Consideration ads (Sponsored Content ads) to drive traffic to site. Within this campaign we split tested targeting methodologies to understand which of our targeting strategies delivered quantity and quality of traffic to site;
  • Lead Generation (Sponsored Content & Message ads) to drive form completes. Describing Rephine’s credibility, expertise and service offering, we initially ran Sponsored Content lead generation ads and then added Message Ads, both of which clicked through to an in-platform lead generation form;
  • Multiple static creative ad versions featuring their brand colours and core messages that demonstrate trustworthiness and dependability coupled with messaging emphasising their gold standard auditing credentials to showcase the value of their services. We split tested visuals, message length and conducted landing page tests.

Test results were reviewed regularly and investment was re-deployed as necessary into the best performing campaign elements to maximise the Return on Investment and lead volumes generated.

The paid search campaign contained:

  • Brand and generic search term ad groups optimised for search intent indicating engagement
  • Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs)
  • Competitor ad group ads

During the paid search campaign the results were under constant review to ensure each campaign was optimised to deliver the best audience reach, traffic to site and lead generation form completions. Optimisations made to improve performance included:

  • Google lead form extension deployment
  • Landing page testing
  • Audience overlay testing
  • RSA optimisations
  • Bid adjustments
  • Keyword and ad group adjustments
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The campaign successfully delivered the right quality of leads for the right price and clearly identified a new marketing channel for Rephine. Comparing our results to LinkedIn’s own B2B campaign industry benchmarks the LinkedIn activities achieved:

  • A Cost per lead 60% lower than the B2B industry benchmark quoted by LinkedIn;
  • The LinkedIn Consideration Campaign ads driving traffic to site achieved a click through rate (CTR) of 0.83%, which is 0.27% higher than the average B2B CTR on LinkedIn;
  • The Lead Generation ads achieved a 36% form completion rate – 3.5 times greater than LinkedIn’s industry benchmark for similar B2B campaigns, and;
  • The LinkedIn Message ads within the Lead Generation campaign achieved a 68% open rate (which is more than double the LinkedIn benchmark for message ads) and a low cost per click;

In addition the paid search campaign delivered:

  • A CTR 172% higher than the average for B2B Paid search ads;
  • 98% absolute top of page rate for Brand, and 
  • maintained a higher impression share compared to competitors.

Meaning overall, the campaign delivered a Return on Investment of 40:1 (return : investment)!

  • 36% form completion on lead generation ads
  • 68% open rate
  • ROI of 4,000%!

Atia Bukhari, Director of Marketing at Rephine said:

“Equimedia's work has delivered a wealth of learnings, and some great results in this test campaign. We've successfully targeted our key audiences on LinkedIn, tested PPC activity, and delivered lead volumes well above expectations, at a really impressive return on investment. This test has opened up a new opportunity for future campaigns, and I look forward to continuing to work with the team.”

Through this test campaign, a new revenue generation channel has been established for Rephine, and through the campaign results we have built strong foundations for future campaigns and established benchmarks for expected performance moving forward.

36% form completion rate

68% open rate

4000% ROI!

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