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Boosted posts deliver organic social success for Norwegian Log Buildings

Organic social campaign boosts
engagement and site traffic
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Norwegian Log is the market leader in designing, supplying and erecting Scandinavian style log cabin homes and garden buildings to improve quality of life and work towards multi-generational living.

With firm growth ambitions in place, it’s important to Norwegian Log that they increase their profile and grow their social media audiences to help drive interest in their product, and increase new business leads. Their social channel audiences were modest and so alongside other marketing activities, increasing social media reach and quality engagement were key priorities.

  • Increase reach and engagement
  • Increase site traffic and ultimately, leads
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Our Approach

Norwegian Log have a social media presence, but this had not been fully utilised or pushed in new directions. We suggested we test boosting organic social posts to help their content reach a wider audience of potential new customers. There had been post boosting done in the past, but we wanted to couple our newly planned organic social strategy with a schedule for boosting, for the best chance of success.

The Norwegian Log product is of high value and so has a limited market, especially in the current economic climate. This meant success would only follow if we reached the right audience. Individuals in the age range of 30-65+ with higher disposable income who are looking at moving their elderly parents closer to them or building a home-away-from-home for their young adults were our key targets.

Based on specific targeting information that our SEO and PPC teams have provided for us, we were able to narrow the focus of our social posts and reach the right target audience to meet the Client’s needs. Through months of targeting and testing, we’ve built a specific audience for a niche product- a challenge in any market.


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Starting in August 2022, a planned strategy of message and creative tests over several weeks has seen reach, engagements, reactions and clicks to site increase phenomenally.

The success of the campaign means a monthly budget has been approved for organic social post boosting so we can continue to grow the Client’s engaged audience. We provide organic social media management across a range of channels, but the best results for organic social media will be when there is a budget to also boost this content. From Norwegian Log’s statistics, we can see how this combination can achieve significant reach to complement other digital marketing campaigns.

  • We saw 3.9% audience growth
  • Average engagements (likes, shares, comments, clicks) across all content throughout September ’22 were up by 40%
  • Comments per post have increased from an average of 0-1 per post to 8-10 on boosted posts
  • Post link clicks have also increase by 11.9% in September!

Ed Taylor, Norwegian Log Buildings

“Our organic social reach has improved massively, clicks to the website from organic social are up and the response online has been incredibly positive. Equimedia have improved our organic social impressions by over 70%, engagements by 40% and post link clicks by 11.9% in our September results. We are delighted!“

Social Media impressions up 70%

Engagements up 40%

Post links clicks up 11.9%

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