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Can a targeted radio campaign help Fish generate new insurance leads?

Radio campaign test drives an uplift
in leads for mobility equipment insurance
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Fish Insurance provide specialist insurance products that are designed to protect people in the UK with disabilities and mobility challenges. They provide insurance for mobility equipment, such as stairlifts, hoists, wheelchairs, mobility scooters and prosthetics, and also offer specialist home, travel and carer or personal assistant insurance products.

Fish were looking for a way to boost their mobility scooter insurance sales and asked us to help them test radio as a channel for driving leads. Radio campaigns had not been used before, but with an older demographic and with the proliferation of commercial radio stations this was a good time to test the media.

  • Test radio’s ability to drive leads
  • Increase leads for mobility scooter insurance
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Our Approach

As Fish Insurance had not tested radio before we designed two campaigns targeting coastal towns in several counties to reach the target market demographic more likely to have mobility issues. Stations with an older listener profile were selected including several Smooth radio regions.

The first campaign ran for four weeks, and the second campaign ran a month later, for two weeks. The gap in between the two campaigns was deliberate and the second shorter campaign was designed to validate any uplift seen in campaign one.

In order to quantify the effect of each campaign we compared lead volumes to the same period the previous year and to the monthly average lead volume generated in the year of activity so far.

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Both campaigns generated an uplift in leads compared to the previous year and the monthly average volume of leads in the year to date.

The greatest uplift in leads was delivered by Smooth radio spots, and those regions exposed to both campaigns delivered the most leads overall.

The control month with no activity performed in line with expectations from previous months average lead volume, proving the radio campaigns were creating an uplift in leads generated.

  • Campaign one delivered a 41% uplift in leads compared to the monthly average lead volume
  • Campaign two delivered a 24% uplift in leads compared to the monthly average lead volume despite only being live for two weeks of the month
  • Overall lead uplift of 33% delivered across both campaigns

Alex Bennett, Head of Marketing for Fish Insurance said:

“We were keen to test a new approach that would help us reach our target market in the mobility scooter space. Equimedia provided expertise and support to shape a test campaign designed to deliver a set of meaningful results with an entry level budget. The test demonstrated that radio could form part of our future media campaign planning and also gave confidence that if we run another radio campaign we will be reaching out to Equimedia for expert support in its planning and delivery.”

Uplift in leads during campaign 1

Uplift in leads during shorter campaign 2

Uplift in leads overall

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