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Could Discovery Ads extend reach and drive growth?

Discovery Ads test uncovers route
to new customers for life insurance broker
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LifeSearch is an insurance broker providing life insurance, income protection and critical illness cover amongst other products. Since 1998 they’ve protected over three quarters of a million UK families and businesses and pride themselves on selecting the right cover for you and your family.

Despite covering so many families they are not a brand known to many, so LifeSearch wanted to extend their reach outside of paid search, making more UK families aware of their key products; critical illness cover and income protection services.

We had a specific target cost per acquisition to hit, while driving incremental growth.

  • Reach new prospective customers
  • Drive leads cost efficiently
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Our Approach

LifeSearch’s paid search account is well developed but is dependent on text ads to deliver leads from users searching for life protection products. Driven by our analysis of LifeSearch’s customer base we decided to test the more visual Discovery ads to see if we could reach the right audiences and drive cost efficient, quality leads, extending the capacity of Google paid search.

Discovery ads appear on Google inventory such as YouTube, Gmail and interests pages, the GDN network and can reach up to 3 million Google users. Ads can be created in static and carousel formats and each ad has a visual image, text and CTA.

There are several targeting methodologies available which we could test making use of the extensive customer profiling to establish exactly who, and where, the prospective LifeSearch customer was. These insights had been gathered for each product, and this insight was key to the development of our testing and optimisation plans.

Targeting techniques available include custom match (people similar to your existing customers), custom intent audiences (made up of people have recently searched for your product types), life stage targeting, affinity audiences and demographic targeting.

Bid prices tend to be lower than conventional paid search, and with the extra audience reach, visual element to the ads and targeting possibilities, our test campaigns were promising.

Setting new campaigns live is never the end of the story – that is when the real work begins. Results data from our initial weeks of activity showed us what was working and what was not. Weekly optimisations, testing new targeting attributes and different audiences enabled us to steadily improve results.

We also introduced tests for different creative approaches, refining the targeting for each new creative as the results data dictated.

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Discovery ads have successfully extended reach and delivered sales for LifeSearch.

Year-on-year (January 2022 compared to January 2023) the inclusion of Discovery Ads reduced the overall paid search cost per lead by 26%. This means we are now able to deliver qualified leads for less than the target cost per lead.

From August 2022 to January 2023 we reached 50 new audiences delivering over 6,000,000+ impressions and 62,000+ clicks. 60% of conversions came through custom audience segments we created, 30% through affinity audiences and the remaining 10% coming through in market and life event segments.

Collaboration with the client on creative, landing page improvements, and targeting tests meant that the campaign was set up for success. Achieving a cost per lead that beat the target took time, as the graph shows, but the client gave the campaigns time to mature and paid search is now delivering a larger number of new customers for a lower cost per lead.

Graph showinbg Discvoer Ads Campaign improvement over time.

  • Over 6,000,000 impressions delivered
  • 62,000 clicks to site
  • Paid search cost per lead reduced by 26% overall

Emma Walker, LifeSearch Chief Growth Officer said:

We’re delighted that equimedia have managed to increase our reach and develop Discovery ads that deliver leads cost efficiently. This campaign will be an important part of our paid search activity going forward and we look forward to further developments!"

26% reduction in overall cost per lead

62,000 clicks to site

6,000,000 Impressions delivered

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