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Full-funnel campaign delivers quality data science leads

Data science leads delivered
for 25% of the target cost
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Our data science client is extensively involved in the international scientific research corporate community and provides solutions which allow innovative and comprehensive access, exploration, and analysis of complex data, powered by leading technologies.

They approached us to deploy a full-funnel campaign to drive awareness of their brand within key industries, and to generate leads for their product. Our target was to deliver leads cost efficiently. We wanted to target several job titles to reach all decision-makers in the decision-making process in relevant organisations.

  • Generate leads, cost efficiently
  • Target the right job titles in the data science industry
  • Raise awareness of the brand and products
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Our Approach

LinkedIn advertising was chosen as the main channel for the campaign for the ability to ensure the campaign would be highly targeted. We also ran complementary paid search activity to capture any searches generated and specialist newsletter display ads were placed to further target a ‘leaned-in’ audience.

With extensive experience of driving traffic and leads through LinkedIn, we devised a three-phase approach, directly addressing different job functions and serving a variety of media ads depending on the conversion phase.

  • Phase 1 - Awareness: The brand was introduced through video creative exploring their key solution
  • Phase 2 - Consideration: A carousel ad creative campaign highlighted and emphasised the key elements of the focus product
  • Phase 3 - Conversion: Lead generation activity using both static image ads and sponsored inmail, optimised by retargeting audiences to prompt a response

We made a number of optimisations across the three campaign phases to enhance our results, including bidding adjustments, pausing low-performing ads, adjusting audience targeting, and expanding out to the LinkedIn Audience Network.

Alongside the main paid social campaign, we tested complementary PPC activity with campaigns for brand, generic, and competitors, targeting technical keywords related to both the client and data science software. Optimisation to support LinkedIn performance included:

  • Applying audience overlays
  • Refining search terms
  • Activating DSA campaigns
  • Redistributing investment

We also ran display advertising within a specialist third-party publication, sent to subscribers within the target industry.


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The campaign delivered significant numbers of completed video views and ad exposure, building brand awareness. This was achieved whilst delivering higher volumes of leads than predicted at a cost just 25% of the target cost per lead. 

Despite low available volumes, our PPC campaign drove leads at an overall average cost per acquisition (CPA) closely aligned with the Wordstream reported benchmarked average cost per lead for Business Services. Within the PPC Brand campaign the CPA was even lower.

Through the campaign and with our optimisations, we were able to achieve significant results for our client.

We have since reengaged with the client to begin planning for more LinkedIn activity and look forward to continuing our test and learn success with the team.

  • 350,000 impressions and 4,500 clicks across LinkedIn and Paid Search
  • 68,000 video views at £0.20p per view across LinkedIn and the LinkedIn Audience Network
  • Achieved a Cost per lead of only 25% of the target Cost per lead
  • 25% open rate for our newsletter display activity

The client Marketing Manager said: 

We’re delighted with the experience of working with the equimedia team to learn from these platforms and drive leads to our sales team for further engagement. The results have been really encouraging, and we look forward to turning these learnings into business-as-usual campaigns moving forward.”

Leads delivered for 25% of the target CPA

68,000 video views

350,000 ad impressions

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