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The key to Norwegian Log’s best ever lead volumes – A full-funnel Discovery Ads campaign!

PPC campaign delivers
incredible results
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Norwegian Log is a luxury Scandinavian log building company, designing, supplying, and erecting highly bespoke cabins, annexes, and garden rooms across the UK.

With a strong uplift in search volumes for their brand and product offerings at the start of this year, Norwegian Log wanted to maximise the opportunity to create new business leads in addition to their existing, brand targeting in PPC.

We decided to test a full-funnel Discovery Ads campaign, leveraging Google’s algorithms to reach the right types of potential customers at the right time across a collection of different touchpoints, with the right message for their stage in the journey from Awareness, through Consideration to Contact.

  • Generate leads, cost efficiently
  • Generate greater awareness of the Norwegian Log brand
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Our Approach

Reaching consumers who were in the market for this sort of expensive purchase (AOV’s of £80,000+) can be extremely challenging. However, our lead gen experts knew exactly how to approach this challenge.

Norwegian Log has a fantastic portfolio of images showcasing their buildings. To maximise exposure to the Norwegian Log brand, whilst pushing for lead form submissions, we constructed a highly targeted, full-funnel Discovery Ads PPC campaign.

We created an asset-focused campaign targeting the correct type of prospects across YouTube, Gmail and the Google Discover feed. The Norwegian Log brand was showcased at scale using their eye-catching images to maximise awareness and leads.

To ensure the target audiences were the ideal consumer types, we used high-performing ‘affinity’, ‘in-market’ and ‘retargeting’ audiences from existing search campaigns, segmenting ad copy and images based on their position in the journey from ‘Awareness’ to ‘Contact’, to drive PDF downloads and lead form submissions.

Furthermore, in combination with a custom segment and Google Ad’s audience expansion targeting, which uses advanced signals to show our ads to other high-intent users, we were able to deliver Norwegian Log’s best monthly PPC lead volumes to date.


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When comparing the Discovery campaign from January - March 2023 to Norwegian Log’s entire account for January-March last year, the results were staggering.

The Discovery campaign also had a positive effect on the overall paid search campaign lead volume. The overall paid search activity drove 123% more leads YoY and 411% more PDFs downloaded.

At Equimedia, we’re never one to rest on our laurels, we’ve already identified how to optimise this campaign even further and continue our testing!

  • 530% Increase in CTR
  • 82% increase in lead forms
  • 233% more product PDFs downloaded
  • Post link clicks have also increase by 11.9% in September!
  • 13% cheaper Cost Per Lead

Ed Taylor, Norwegian Log Buildings

“We’re delighted with the traction this campaign has gained – the resulting numbers are a reflection of the Equimedia team’s aptitude and hard work, all of which is helping to put our message in front of a wider yet still relevant audience.“

82% increase in lead forms

233% more product PDFs downloaded

13% cheaper Cost Per Lead

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