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Sentispec campaign exceeds all expectations in B2B lead generation

Sophisticated LinkedIn campaign
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Sentispec is focused on applied AI in industry. They help to increase revenues and reduce costs for companies providing logistics and warehousing services by providing software that improves workflow processes using Artificial Intelligence.

Sentispec wanted to test using digital platforms to generate leads for their Automated Stock Taking platform, which takes visual images and correlates the information with stock availability and location to improve the flow of goods through a warehouse.

Equimedia were tasked with creating digital campaigns to reach the right quality of key decision-makers, in the right type of logistics and warehousing companies, to drive valuable leads into the business.

  • Reach the right decision makers in niche businesses
  • Generate sales leads, cost efficiently
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Our Approach

Reaching key decision-makers in niche markets can be a challenge. However, our team of B2B lead generation experts are not strangers to challenges and knew exactly how to approach this.

LinkedIn was selected as a potential source of high-quality leads. By leveraging our experience of working with a plethora of B2B businesses, we constructed highly targeted campaigns to reach senior managers and directors within logistics, supply chain, warehousing and import and export companies.

Once the targeting strategy had been established, we decided how creative and messaging could be best used to maximise engagement. From working with other B2B businesses in similar industries we knew that simple “stock style” images, paired with short and concise copy worked best. Four ads following this template were set up and activity was optimsed to feature the best performing creative. At equimedia we’re never one for standing still, so on top of this creative test, we also tested different Calls to Action (CTA) and Lead Gen form structures to identify the best asset combination to maximise the volume of high-quality leads. As each campaign matured, we responded to the results data by reallocating the budget into the best-performing campaign types for each industry, minimising the overall cost per lead.


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When compared to industry benchmarks, results spoke for themselves as we delivered:

  • A 10% lower cost per lead

  • A 58% higher InMail open rate

  • A 10% higher lead form completion rate

The client was delighted with the quality, quantity and cost per lead generated. This meant we were soon back in action launching campaign two across several EU countries.

Campaign 2 managed to drive 670% more leads than the first campaign, justifying the 200% increase in investment and beating industry benchmarks once again with:

  • 68% lower cost per lead
  • 10% higher lead from completion rate
  • 670% more leads than campaign one!

Andreas Claudi, CEO of Sentispec says:

“We are delighted with the results of these LinkedIn campaigns and will be extending the activity to strengthen our lead generation activities. equimedia took the time to explain everything to us clearly and optimise our campaigns to achieve impressive results!”

Sentispec were convinced by our work to increase investment in testing alternative creative types, ad copy, lead generation mechanisms, re-targeting and alternative targeting methodologies and our work together continues!

-68% lower cost per lead

10% higher lead form completion rate

670% more leads than campaign one

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