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VET.CT provides specialist veterinary radiology services to support veterinary teams anywhere in the world. They have regional offices in US, Canada, UK and Australia and wanted to replace their web presence in each region to improve their users’ experience of the brand. 

The previous site’s use of near duplicate content and geo-redirection base on IP address caused unexpected user journeys for human users and search engine bots, alike.  This meant that the US site often outranked the European site in the UK and Europe, whilst ranking extremely poorly in the rest of the world.  

equimedia re-built their Hubspot website creating three microsites; one each for North America, Europe and Australasia/Asia, respectively. The SEO key objectives were to:

  • Ensure the correct microsite ranked in each geographic region of the world
  • Improve user journeys and experience of the brand
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Our Approach

We removed the geo-redirection and provided clear direction to Google through:

  • A site migration process that deployed careful 1:1 URL redirection
  • Removal of canonical tags that were confusing Google
  • Accurate hreflang tags
  • Accurate meta titles highlighting each region
  • Providing consistency for all searches including correct Google My Business listings in each region.

The site was rebranded and the look and feel vastly improved.  A function was added to allow site visitors to switch between each region. This was important for site usability and Googlebot comprehension.

The content on important landing pages was strengthened whilst older blogs posts that were no longer relevant were deleted and redirected. The new site redesign allowed for ease of expansion of content going forwards. 

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Within two weeks of the migration to the new microsites, each microsite was ranking correctly in the UK, US and Australia for all brand search terms.  

We continue to improve the localisation of the microsites to make them highly relevant to vets in each region who rely on the exceptional support of VET.CT’s 200 specialists.

  • Each microsite was ranking #1 for brand terms
  • Prior to the migration 37% of the Organic visitors to the US microsite were from UK.
  • One month after the migration the number of UK visitors on the US microsite was reduced to just 2%.

Nicole Hearne, Marketing Manager from VET.CT said:

Improving our organic search presence in key geographic regions was a priority for us to ensure that our veterinary clients were able to contact the regional office in their time zone. This has provided us with a platform to expand and grow from.  Equimedia were the right partner for the task.” 

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