30th March 2020

Coronavirus creates opportunities for online retailers of comfy clothes, tech and bedding as we adapt to work, rest and play at home

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Louise Burgess
Board Director
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As we all adapt to working from home more, and spending our free time at home too, Google search trends reveal how our lifestyle changes are affecting what we search for.

We all going to be working from home in our PJ’s, organising our filing, sleeping in new sheets and going for walks!  

The year on year growth in searches for sleepwear, sweatshirts and hoodies is huge! As we all get used to the idea of working from home, we want to be comfortable, so we’re all stocking up on new PJ’s, hoodies and loungewear. We’re buying more coats than last year too, so could we all be preparing for daily walks to get out in the fresh air? Fitness wear and shoes are also up so hopefully we’re all going to use the time at home wisely and get fit so we can stay healthy and fight the virus!

Meanwhile searches for sandals, swimwear and shorts are all down significantly year on year. We seem to be accepting that summer holidays probably won’t be happening anytime soon.

On the upside we’re also buying home storage and organisation products so maybe we’ll all finally get our photos printed and organised in photo albums and our houses tidy and organised? And if we do catch the virus lots of us will at least be lying in bed in new sheets, so we’ll be comfortable at least.      

Our homes and gardens will be getting lots of attention, too!

Searches for garden products, home appliances, lighting, furniture, and home decorating products are all showing strong growth year on year. Us humans are nothing if not adaptable, and the search trends indicate we’re looking for the silver lining and planning how to use the extra time we’ll have at home. We’re expecting to see many budding Monty Don’s appearing on social media over the coming weeks!

Even if we’re ill, we’ll have lovely skin!  

Beauty searches continue to show strong growth in skincare and hygiene products with searches increasing massively in March. The shortage of soaps in supermarkets means there’s opportunities for online retailers to fill the gap, and all the extra handwashing means we need lots more moisturiser as well as soap!   

And we don’t want to be bored or cut off from the outside world

Searches for consumer electronic products, desktop computers and accessorises have all seen growth in recent weeks year on year, showing we are getting everything in place to be able to work at home and make sure we stay connected to the world. Social media is keeping us all connected and feeling like we’re still involved in our local community, so it’s no surprise to see consumer electronic searches on the up.

To learn more about how social media is keeping us connected during the lockdown, check out our blog here.

Retailers need to adapt to the changing needs of our people as we work out what the new normal will be. There are great stories of service companies adapting and changing what they do quickly, retailers can grab the opportunities the crisis present too!