9th November 2020

Evolving with the times: equimedia launches a new, fresh look

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Andrew Burgess
Founder and CEO
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In January of this year equimedia celebrated its 20th anniversary – and what a 20 years it has been! Since the company was formed in 1999 we’ve seen a digital revolution that couldn’t have been predicted in the decade prior. It’s been a truly exciting and transformative time in the world of digital marketing, and we’re proud to have always been at the cutting edge of new technology and ahead of the curve with digital innovations.

That rings true today, and as we come to the end of what has been a tumultuous year for everyone, we recognise that the world has changed, consumer behaviours have adapted, and most importantly the demands on our clients have shifted. True to our 20-year heritage, equimedia is adapting and evolving in-line with that changing digital marketplace. 

With that in-mind we have today refreshed our branding and launched our new website that better represents our journey, who we are, what we do best, and the exciting direction we’re heading in. 

Alongside showcasing our new end-to-end solution for brands to sell direct to consumers – equi-connect, we hope our new website provides you with a flavour of what our flourishing website UX, design, development and conversion team can achieve.  

equi connect on new website


The website has been built in Drupal, an excellent enterprise level open-source CMS that we specialise in, and incorporates interactivity in the form of particle effects and ‘Easter Eggs’ across the site to provide you small nuggets of digital gold as you navigate (look out for the little (i) icons!). We have also ensured our website is setup as a best practice example of what you should be doing to set your website up for success for 2021: 

  • Server-Side GTM (Google Tag Manager) Implementation – Optimized performance, better security, higher quality data, and could be important in our 3rd party cookie-less future!  

  • Excellent Google Core Web Vitals Score – Important for SEO in 2021 

  • Google Analytics 4 Property Setup – The future of analytics 

  • Data Layers on Key Forms – For better reporting and lead metrics 

  • Plus much more that we’d be happy to talk you through… including some wonderful pictures from the team showcasing not just their expertise, but also some very cute dogs! 

Our new website and refreshed branding is just another step on the equimedia journey of evolution, and although times like these can be uncertain, we’re here to tackle any of our clients challenges head on and help deliver them the growth they need. 

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss any upcoming digital marketing projects or challenges that you may be having.