30th November 2021

Webinar Summary: Claws and Effect - Opportunities in the UK Pet Market

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Jamie Mitchell
Marketing Manager
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Claws and Effect YouTube Recording

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In our latest thought leadership webinar, we were joined by Google to bring you 'Claws and Effect: Opportunities in the UK Pet Market’.

We covered three key topics:

  • The recent changes and opportunities in the UK Pet Market
  • How to improve direct to consumer selling
  • Google insights - using YouTube to reach your audience and grow your business

Our panel included:

  • Payal Pahalajani, Agency Development Manager, Google
  • Ross Britton, Website Experience Director, equimedia
  • James Gardner, SEO Manager, equimedia

James Gardner started us off by exploring the state of the UK pet market and the effect that COVID-19 has had on pet ownership. James revealed insights from sources such as Mintel, Google and our own research on current and predicted trends for online pet food and pet supplies retailers. He covered expected demand, pet owner audience profiles and how they have changed, the consequential opportunities for increased lifetime value from pet owners, and what exactly pet parents are spending their money on.

Ross Britton, then took everyone through our ‘Ulti-mutt’ direct-to-consumer guide, explaining our 5 key tips for successfully selling direct to consumer:

  1. Find the right audience, stand out!
  2. Measure and attribute
  3. Create a seamless online experience
  4. Build loyalty and grow lifetime value
  5. Fulfil expectations

5 Key Considerations

(You can find out more in the webinar recording!)

Ross concluded by explaining more about our end-to-end direct to consumer solution, ‘equi connect’, which provides businesses with the digital marketing expertise needed to make the most of changing shopping habits right now. You can find out more about this on our website here.

Our third and final speaker, Payal Pahalajani, gave our audience some valuable insights on how you can use YouTube to scale your campaigns and reach the right audiences. Payal explained how brands can use YouTube’s Custom Audience tool to move beyond Google’s standard audience definitions, which will be a very useful tool for pet brands as YouTube has a UK audience of around 25m pet lovers. The platform could be key for pet retailers striving to grow, scale-up campaigns and reach new audiences.

You can watch the full webinar recording over on our YouTube channel. If you'd like to discuss any challenges or projects that you’re working on, or if you’d like to receive the slides from our webinar, please get in touch by completing the contact form.