Delivering results and an 'ink-rease' in performance

Key Results ...

Revenue from mobiles increased by 62%

Mobile conversion increased by more than 30%

Average Order Value increased by 10%

Case Study: Optimising Website Performance ...

Web Design & Build

Printerland tasked us with developing a site that would ensure an improved user experience, an increase in conversion rates and optimise performance across all devices. Printerland were also particularly interested in increasing the conversion of 'add ons' - cables/cartridges etc. - which could add a significant profit margin to each sale. 

 Working closely with Printerland's in house development team, we were able to identify opportunities for improved website design by reviewing the website conversion through various devices. We identified that two key areas to focus on were to create a more sophisticated shopping funnel and an improved user experience on smaller devices. 

equimedia refined the user interface so that key elements (such as the home page, the navigation and the shopping funnel) were optimised to offer a good user experience on all platforms. After agreeing on the improvements with our client, we then moved on to the design and build stage along side Printerland's in house development team...

The outcome was that Printerland now had a site that is fully responsive and designed to give a great shopping experience regardless of the device the visitor is using. 

The immediate impact was an increase in accessory sales during the purchase process of products such as cables and cartridges, instantly increasing profitability per sale. There had also been a positive impact on overall conversion, total revenue and units sold.


"equimedia's expertise and experience helped to ensure that our vision was realised in the most effective way, and we're sure that our business will continue to fly with them on board."


James Kight, Managing Director