'Breaking down' user journeys and increasing conversion rates

Key Results ...

Increase in conversion rate

costs recouped in full one day after redesign

A satisfied customer

Case Study: Increasing Conversion Performance ...

Web Design and Build, Digital Strategy

The RAC had launched a brand new website, however, they immediately identified that their conversion performance was being hindered and they needed to establish the cause of this. equimedia's task was to review the key user journeys and help them to increase their conversion rates by identifying the drop off points through the sales funnels. 

equimedia worked very closely with RAC, considering the audience every step of the way. We initially started with audience profiling which helped us to gain a better understanding of the various needs for those visitors using the website. The resulting Pen Portraits then drove our cognitive walk-through, after which we were able to identify the sales funnel drop off points by examining web analytics data. 

Thanks to this, we were able to identify a number of opportunities for RAC to take advantage of. We put together a 57 page review document containing the analysis, recommendations and business case.

The end results; RAC saw a conversion rate increase of 40% and were able to recoup the entire cost of the review within one day of our redesign!

"The recommendations equimedia provided assisted in the redesign of the website journey which has improved conversion by 40%. The cost of the review was recouped within the first day after redesign."

RAC Website Optimisation Manager