Programmatic Optimisation With A Human Touch.

Key Results...

reduction in cost per membership

Exceeded membership volume targets

Case Study: Programmatic Optimisation ...

Paid Media, Digital Strategy

Having worked with the RSPB for over 8 years, we had a clear understanding of what they wanted to achieve, this being to increase memberships and encouraging participation in engagement events and advocacy campaigns. However, following the launch of the new RSPB Giving Nature a Home campaign, we now had to adapt and turn our attention to optimising membership activity. 

The RSPB had two new challenges for us; the first was to further increase the cost effectiveness of membership display campaigns. The second, to focus the optimisation strategy purely on the primary objective of membership. 

Our strategy - RSPB display activity would be delivered through a combination of our agency trading desk, Kaizen, and publisher direct and network deals, as well as paid social platform campaigns. We could deliver cost-efficient memberships through a strategic balance of dynamic re-targeting and prospecting investment with precision targeting  overlaid to ensure we reach the right audience, time, environment, and price.  Activity was planned monthly so that the campaigns were agile and flexible; optimised to the latest performance insights while taking advantage of any new media and targeting opportunities, for example, TV Sync.

We established a control, test, and learn approach to campaign optimisation that allowed us to achieve a continuous improvement in performance. The optimisations we included were:

  • Banner development
  • Re-targeting strategy
  • Budget weighting
  • Attribution analysis

We could analyse the campaign's performance by utilising our bespoke software and a sophisticated DoubleClick set up to enable detailed regular analysis. This allowed us to quickly identify performance optimsations and recommendations for testing and development. 

The results speak for themselves... First of all, membership recruitment via digital marketing exceeded volume targets over the 7 months from September to March. Secondly, cost efficiency had improved significantly, with a 52% reduction in cost per membership.