The Donkey Sanctuary

Stand Out Amongst the Crowd

Key Results ...

increase in adoptions from organic traffic (YTD)

increase in organic web traffic (YTD)

decrease in bounce rate (YTD)

Case Study: SEO and Paid Social ...

SEO, Paid Media

The Donkey Sanctuary requested equimedia's help with increasing organic visibility in a hope that this might increase the number of adoptions through their website. They asked, and they received...

The goals set by The Donkey Sanctuary were to increase website visibility, drive additional traffic to their site, and improve search rankings for animal welfare related keywords.

We immediately identified areas for improvement and strategies that would integrate and compliment each other, helping us to achieve the desired results. The equimedia team established a complete SEO strategy that would be bolstered by paid social. We conducted a full technical audit to ensure that The Donkey Sanctuary's website was optimised for crawling and indexing, followed by re-writing page titles and meta descriptions to include target keywords and synonyms where relevant. 

Over a 12 month period, we added various forms of keyword optimised content to the website. These content campaigns were supported with paid social postings that would further increase audience reach, awareness, and website traffic. 

Our strategies paid dividends, resulting in the following achievements:

  • a 32% increase in adoptions from organic (YTD)
  • a 30% increase in organic web traffic (YTD)
  • a 94% decrease in bounce rates (YTD)

“The team at equimedia offer a collaborative way of working with their in-house resources and never give up when it comes to finding ways to provide a continued growth in organic traffic.  We’re always keen to look at these opportunities, especially if they continue to deliver the results we’ve been getting!” 

Sally Hilton, Head of Fundraising, The Donkey Sanctuary